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Across the UK and Europe Larson Group have found that attracting and retaining top talent in the Blockchain Technology Market (DTL) is the number one concern for all businesses within this niche. All successful businesses depend on highly skilled professionals.  The “war on talent” is making the recruitment and retention of such individuals a major item on all boardroom agenda’s. Hence we are passionate about working with companies who understand the importance of connecting with the best talent in the passive market place.

Larson Groups attracts and retaining highly skilled Blockchain professionals from the passive market. Our clients retain our services because of our ability to save them time! We do this by supplying our clients with candidates that they would not normally have access to via their normal supply chain.

Larson Group have invested heavily in developing a unique, groundbreaking Digital recruitment process and software. This has created an almost unique process for Retained Search, C-Suite Search and Headhunting assignments. i-larson is like nothing else available on the market! Via a combination of advanced technology, psychometric testing and our cutting-edge recruitment methodologies, we provide our clients with in-depth candidate assessment. Larson Group has streamlined the recruitment process, which reduces the cost and commercial down-time of our clients. This has resulted in increased new employee retention for our clients. For more information please Click Here to Find Out More.

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Success Stories

  • Working with Larson Group has streamlined our recruitment process. We used to work on a 2 stage basis but feel we can now confidently work on one – freeing up valuable time. 

    The fact that we have a video, CV and personality profile linked to the role provides real insight prior to meeting the candidate. Our experience is that the McQuaig behavioural questionnaire has been spot on for each candidate – which has provided tremendous insight prior to the appointment and provided the structure and questions for the interview.

    David Carrick – Head of Sales

    i-larson streamlined of recruitment process, freeing up valuable time

  • Howard did an exceptional job giving advice to the unemployed at the DCB Project, he gave out personal advice to individuals and reviewed every single persons CV pinpointing the issues, motivating others and came up with techniques to suit individual needs. When Howard says he is honest, ethical, engaging, motivational recruitment leader, with a passion for service and delivery he is absolutely those things and more! – Ellen Kerr CEO at DCB Project

    Larson Group and DCB Project helping the unemployed back into work.

  • Jamie has been a great help in both finding the right company to move my career forward and also in finding the right candidates to fulfil positions I’ve had available in my new position. Jamie always understands the needs of his clients and the needs of his candidates and uses this knowledge to select the right people for the right job. Even when I’ve thought there was no way I would find the right person with the right skills, Jamie has always managed to come up with the goods, even at the eleventh hour. I would recommend Jamie to any employer who is looking to find the right candidates for the available roles. I’ve dealt with many agencies over the years and found they can just send anyone regardless of their suitability for a role… This is not the case with Jamie. He makes time to get to know candidates before he recommends them to his clients. This saves everyone time and makes for quality candidates.

    Ian Hewitt – Head of IT – P&H Direct

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