Dear Howard,

I let myself contact you to share with you my recruitment process experience with Achim.

Achim found me on LinkedIn and contacted to present an opportunity in Zurich. It was just around the time when I started looking for a new job myself. I guess we were both lucky then :).

However, the way Achim presented the opening and engaged himself in the process of convincing me that this is one of the best career moves I could do at the moment was really outstanding.

Out of all the options I was considering at the moment, this quickly became number one.

I must say I never worked with such a recruiter before, who would show so much interest in the candidate and his objectives, be so informative and caring.

Achim prepared me well for the interviews, gave very valuable hints on how the recruitment process can look like, how I should prepare, what I can expect from the people interviewing me and how I should keep my goals in mind.

After each interview, he called and asked how it went. He was there, every step of the way, ready to help. I felt like he is working with my best interest at heart and I actually became very open and honest with Achim without worrying that it could be used against me.

In the end, everything went smooth and positive.

I also recommended Achim’s services to my colleague looking for new career moves.

Overall – it was a great experience!

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