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I have collaborated with Guy Meynell at Larson Group, both as a candidate and as a recruiter. I have always found him to be very professional, diligent, responsive, flexible and pragmatic to deal with.

As a candidate Guy supported me through a somewhat tortuous recruitment process for a permanent senior management role, providing useful insights and feedback from the client at each stage and he was a useful foil in discussions on how best to approach each stage.

As a recruiter, I found that I could rely on Guy to provide CVs only for good quality candidates that met the role specification. He was responsive to commercial discussions and negotiations and I have always found him open to my direct, and objective feedback and discussions regarding candidates. This has enabled us to develop and strong, trust-based relationship and mutual understanding.

Given this, I have worked successfully with Guy to recruit a number of new people and to find me roles and will certainly engage him in the future.

Andy Wicks – Programme Manager

I wish to personally thank you for all your help and support and professionalism whilst I was searching for the right career move for me.

Nothing was too much trouble, you guided me, supported me with information relevant for my selection process and if I am honest became a true friend.

You have been amazing, kind and shown lots of empathy and compared to others have gone beyond the call of duty.

Hope our paths cross again one day.

Deborah Warren – Claims Manager

I found Jamie extremely helpful and proactive in guiding me through the recruitment process for my current role at Torque. I have since worked with Jamie in finding and placing candidates within the organisation and have found him to be conscientious, professional and above all adept at finding the right person for the job.

Bob Clough – e-Commerce Manager – Torque Logistics

Jamie’s attitude and approach to his clients is exceptional. His genuine positivity and support was key in getting my new role as IT Manager for ALNO UK. I strongly recommend Jamie for any candidate looking for work as well as a client looking to fill a vacancy

Shams Ahmed – IT Manager at ALNO AG

Totally professional and customer focused Yuseff is one of the sharpest and effective recruiters I have worked with. His knowledge is first class and his speed in creating a short list with top candidates makes working with him on any recruitment project a pleasure. Without hesitation I would recommend Yuseff. He always achieves!

Derek Wright – Head of HR at Advanced Supply Chain

I have worked with numerous recruiters over the last 10 years and Jamie’s approach and professionalism are second to none. It is a pleasure doing business with him.

John Della Pietra – Head of IT – BW Legal

When Yuseff made his first approach, straight away it was much more balanced and strategic than an anonymous Connect request. Yuseff clearly understands the needs of his clients and can identify those qualities within the candidates. He was first class in giving advice through the ensuing interview process and there was no such thing as a silly question. I am very grateful for both the initial approach and the guidance he offers. First class Well done

Dan Lloyd – Legal Industry

Jamie has done a fantastic job in sourcing candidates for our team at Torque, the unique interview process they adopt which involves interviewing a shortlist of candidates in one sitting was a real time saver and highly recommendable

Warren Voss – IT Manager – Torque Logistics

Jamie has been a great help in both finding the right company to move my career forward and also in finding the right candidates to fulfil positions I’ve had available in my new position. Jamie always understands the needs of his clients and the needs of his candidates and uses this knowledge to select the right people for the right job. Even when I’ve thought there was no way I would find the right person with the right skills, Jamie has always managed to come up with the goods, even at the eleventh hour. I would recommend Jamie to any employer who is looking to find the right candidates for the available roles. I’ve dealt with many agencies over the years and found they can just send anyone regardless of their suitability for a role… This is not the case with Jamie. He makes time to get to know candidates before he recommends them to his clients. This saves everyone time and makes for quality candidates.

Ian Hewitt – Head of IT – P&H Direct

I really enjoy working at the Larson Group because it offers the right balance between empowerment and support to achieve our shared goals, this environment allows individuals to flourish and develop in a fun but focused way of working. It’s a very refreshing approach to recruitment and puts a very different perspective on what the traditional norm of how a recruitment company is run, here at Larson it’s all about the people and how we can grow together as a business to the benefit of all the staff at every level.

Guy Meynell

I like working for Larson Group because we have the flexibility to offer a bespoke solution to our clients every time. We are not constrained by a rigid and obstructive process and can deliver a service that genuinely suits our customer’s needs. This is a definite contrast to some of my previous places of work where the process was always dictated to the client and if they didn’t agree to it, we didn’t work with them. The method in which organisations recruit their staff is witnessing a huge change, and Larson has had the foresight to change with it. I’m happy to work for a company that is a market leader in innovation!

Jamie MacMillan

A major reason why I joined Larson Group was the quantity and quality of the facilities provided – especially our advertising firepower. Coming from a smaller niche search firm with access to only one job board, to suddenly have Reed, CV Library, Jobsite, Monster and premium LinkedIn in a business seven times the turnover was quite a transition. It was also nice to see money being spent on the business’s infrastructure and tools of success and not on flash cars for the board members. It was also reassuring to join a business whose CEO had upwards of 20 years recruitment experience, and who had successfully built and sold recruitment businesses previously, together with the opportunity to learn from him.

Tom Skelton

Since joining Larson Group I have been hugely impressed by the desire to build long lasting relationships with our clients, this comes from all levels in the business and there is a real focus on dealing with people in an ethical manner. Bar none, all of the consultants here are experts in their chosen industry sector and know how to provide an intelligent recruitment solution to both their clients and candidates. Importantly all the consultants know when to suggest doing something completely different from the standard ‘one size fits all’ search approach.

The relaxed, but hard-working atmosphere across the business has been really refreshing. The down-to-earth and sensible attitude from senior colleagues has made me personally focus much more on working smarter rather than harder, there is a much stronger emphasis on providing great service and getting results, rather than hitting meaningless KPI’s. I’ve been especially impressed by the willingness of everyone to take new consultants under their wing and take collective responsibility for them settling in and becoming successful.

Matt Lockyer

Larson group stands out to me as an organisation with a clear vision under management that like to get things done, where a young member of staff like myself can thrive under and be nurtured by experienced colleagues. That being said,. The many nick names I’ve accumulated in my time here speak for themselves (and yes, some referring to my profile picture 🌙).

Ben Summersgill

In general we might not be the best looking bunch of recruiters, most of us bear the scars of the industry, which is why our mission sits at the heart of our business.

Our mission is to be the trusted partner of both candidates and clients within the niche markets that we work. Our mission is to offer an honest, ethical and upfront service to both candidates and clients by putting them first. Our mission is to offer our consultants the best possible platforms to allow them to achieve their career aspirations in the most supportive and collaborative environment. Our mission is to “Stand on the Shoulders of Giants” in the recruitment industry by putting the 3 key elements of recruitment (candidate, client and consultant) at the heart of business strategy to ensure all parties win.

What Our Directors Say

Howard did an exceptional job giving advice to the unemployed at the DCB Project, he gave out personal advice to individuals and reviewed every single persons CV pinpointing the issues, motivating others and came up with techniques to suit individual needs. When Howard says he is honest, ethical, engaging, motivational recruitment leader, with a passion for service and delivery he is absolutely those things and more! – Ellen Kerr CEO at DCB Project

Larson Group and DCB Project helping the unemployed back into work.

Working with Larson Group has streamlined our recruitment process. We used to work on a 2 stage basis but feel we can now confidently work on one – freeing up valuable time. 

The fact that we have a video, CV and personality profile linked to the role provides real insight prior to meeting the candidate. Our experience is that the McQuaig behavioural questionnaire has been spot on for each candidate – which has provided tremendous insight prior to the appointment and provided the structure and questions for the interview.

David Carrick – Head of Sales

i-larson streamlined of recruitment process, freeing up valuable time

Hi Howard 

I hope you do not mind me contacting you without a prior introduction but I asked for your details from Ben Summersgill so I could provide you with some feedback as I always feel it is important to compliment excellent work.

Ben has been instrumental in assisting me in finding my next position, thankfully it was a success and I have been sent an offer of employment. 

Ben has been one of the most professional recruiters I have ever dealt with. He is professional, courteous, responsive and always on the ball. I would highly recommend him to all of my colleagues/peers. As well as this email I will be giving Ben a personal recommendation on linkedin. You have a great guy there, I hope you are aware that he goes over and beyond his call of duty. It has been a pleasure dealing with him and that reflects well on your company.

Kind regards


Recognition of Excellence

Dear Howard,

I let myself contact you to share with you my recruitment process experience with Achim.

Achim found me on LinkedIn and contacted to present an opportunity in Zurich. It was just around the time when I started looking for a new job myself. I guess we were both lucky then :).

However, the way Achim presented the opening and engaged himself in the process of convincing me that this is one of the best career moves I could do at the moment was really outstanding.

Out of all the options I was considering at the moment, this quickly became number one.

I must say I never worked with such a recruiter before, who would show so much interest in the candidate and his objectives, be so informative and caring.

Achim prepared me well for the interviews, gave very valuable hints on how the recruitment process can look like, how I should prepare, what I can expect from the people interviewing me and how I should keep my goals in mind.

After each interview, he called and asked how it went. He was there, every step of the way, ready to help. I felt like he is working with my best interest at heart and I actually became very open and honest with Achim without worrying that it could be used against me.

In the end, everything went smooth and positive.

I also recommended Achim’s services to my colleague looking for new career moves.

Overall – it was a great experience!

Overall – it was a great experience!

It was truly unparalleled in my experience. I have met and spoken to many recruitment consultants over my career, but I have never found one as good as Larson Group who’s interest was to ‘talk to me’ and not ‘at me’ which is something I have fallen victim for in the past. I always felt like I was in the loop, always felt supported and was always communicated with and listened to. I highly recommend Ben and Larson Group.

Rashpal Soor

Unparalleled Service