What our Consultants Say

Larson group stands out to me as an organisation with a clear vision under management that like to get things done, where a young member of staff like myself can thrive under and be nurtured by experienced colleagues. That being said,. The many nick names I’ve accumulated in my time here speak for themselves (and yes, some referring to my profile picture 🌙).

Ben Summersgill

Since joining Larson Group I have been hugely impressed by the desire to build long lasting relationships with our clients, this comes from all levels in the business and there is a real focus on dealing with people in an ethical manner. Bar none, all of the consultants here are experts in their chosen industry sector and know how to provide an intelligent recruitment solution to both their clients and candidates. Importantly all the consultants know when to suggest doing something completely different from the standard ‘one size fits all’ search approach.

The relaxed, but hard-working atmosphere across the business has been really refreshing. The down-to-earth and sensible attitude from senior colleagues has made me personally focus much more on working smarter rather than harder, there is a much stronger emphasis on providing great service and getting results, rather than hitting meaningless KPI’s. I’ve been especially impressed by the willingness of everyone to take new consultants under their wing and take collective responsibility for them settling in and becoming successful.

Matt Lockyer

A major reason why I joined Larson Group was the quantity and quality of the facilities provided – especially our advertising firepower. Coming from a smaller niche search firm with access to only one job board, to suddenly have Reed, CV Library, Jobsite, Monster and premium LinkedIn in a business seven times the turnover was quite a transition. It was also nice to see money being spent on the business’s infrastructure and tools of success and not on flash cars for the board members. It was also reassuring to join a business whose CEO had upwards of 20 years recruitment experience, and who had successfully built and sold recruitment businesses previously, together with the opportunity to learn from him.

Tom Skelton

I like working for Larson Group because we have the flexibility to offer a bespoke solution to our clients every time. We are not constrained by a rigid and obstructive process and can deliver a service that genuinely suits our customer’s needs. This is a definite contrast to some of my previous places of work where the process was always dictated to the client and if they didn’t agree to it, we didn’t work with them. The method in which organisations recruit their staff is witnessing a huge change, and Larson has had the foresight to change with it. I’m happy to work for a company that is a market leader in innovation!

Jamie MacMillan

I really enjoy working at the Larson Group because it offers the right balance between empowerment and support to achieve our shared goals, this environment allows individuals to flourish and develop in a fun but focused way of working. It’s a very refreshing approach to recruitment and puts a very different perspective on what the traditional norm of how a recruitment company is run, here at Larson it’s all about the people and how we can grow together as a business to the benefit of all the staff at every level.

Guy Meynell