Welcome to i-larson, the future of recruitment! While 99% of the recruitment market moves in the same old direction, offering clients a tired and out of date recruitment strategy, Larson Group has taken the decision to about turn. Research has shown that clients hire on skills and fire on behaviours, i-larson is changing the face of recruitment for the benefit of clients and candidates alike.

At Larson Group we start by getting to know what our clients and candidates actually want, rather than what we think you want. This involves getting to know our clients, their technical needs, their cultural needs, and most importantly of all we put our clients through a behavioural profiling tool in order to identify their true core competencies. We take the time to understand our candidates reasons for leaving, their family needs, their career aspirations and technical drivers and via i-larson, we can ascertain their core competencies and their behavioural profile. This enables us to make quantifiable decisions based on fact and not just gut feel.

To achieve better results we will work in partnership alongside our clients to help to refine their recruitment process. In our experience, it is the recruitment process that is more often at fault and by working together to create a process that is fit for purpose, we firmly believe it elevates our client’s ability to attract and retain the best talent right from the start quickly and efficiently.

Whilst the industry still only sends CV’s based on skills and hopes they match, we don’t! Our unique digital Behavioural Recruitment platform i-larson has been designed especially to give our clients a better-qualified candidate, one that fits our client’s culture. Via the i-larson portal our clients receive a video from the candidate of why they want to work for the client, a behavioural profile document about the candidate, a behaviour competency document matching the candidate’s behavioural traits against the client behavioural profile, competency questions unique to the candidate based on the clients role and if required we can create a video 1st interview, based on the clients questions. Oh and a CV.

By reviewing every candidate’s personal, business and behavioural needs, we are able to tailor to all parties our Behavioural Recruitment strategy i-larson. This enables us to attract and deliver back to our clients a choice of candidates, which match their needs technically and their behavioural profile, preventing our clients from interviewing (or even reviewing CV’s) of candidates that simply do not match their business, behaviourally, and preventing our clients hiring on skills alone.

This allows our clients to focus on their jobs rather than recruitment, it has massively improved our client’s attraction and retention rates as our candidates feel genuinely part of the process and it speeds up the whole process as all parties to engage via one secure platform.

Our approach is based on our expertise, the key to our success is that our consultants only fill roles within their niche markets of IT Transformation and Blockchain. Each division focuses solely on one particular niche marketplace, allowing us to cultivate the passive candidate market, via head-hunting and candidate mapping to ensure we are always in contact with the top performers not readily available via the job boards. Using i-larson has enabled our client to achieve 96% retention in year one, and 93% in year two, lowering the overall costs of recruitment.

The world has undergone massive technological development in the last 20 years, however, 99% of the recruitment industry has not changed their recruitment strategies or service offerings to their clients. In fact, they have diminished. The market has changed and Larson Group is proud to have embraced the changes creating a recruitment strategy that perfectly blends the personal and human intervention – to become true “consultants” – experts that add value, because the human interaction should blend perfectly with the increased automation and AI that is infiltrating our space at a frighteningly rapid rate. Our aim is to add true value to our client’s and candidate without comprise. Welcome to i-larson.

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